Porcelain Wooden Effect Tiles or Hardwood Floors?

Updated: Jun 5, 2019

5 Reasons to choose Porcelain Wooden Effect Tiles over Wood Floors.

Hill 16 Tiles
Wooden Effect Tiles in the Kitchen

Choose from 7 stunning Designs & Colours

Hill 16 Tiles currently have 7 Wooden Effect Tiles to choose from and all available on our

Online Store. The wood grain is stained on the surface of the Porcelain Tile giving each plank the perfect wood effect look Wooden Effect Tiles are suitable for any room in your home. Why? Check our 5 reasons below...

Choice of Colour & Style

You don't need to change your whole kitchen units, bathroom suites or suites of furniture to have one of our Wooden Effect Floors fitted in your home. With 7 colours to choose, you only need to choose a colour that will brighten your home and match your kitchen, bathroom or living room. Choose from...

  • Timber Ash Wooden Effect Tiles

  • Sherwood Forest Wooden Effect Tiles

  • Legno Maple Wooden Effect Tiles

  • Sequoia Ceniza Wooden Effect Tiles

  • Bosco Ivory Wooden Effect Tiles

  • Houston Castano Wooden Effect Tiles

  • Sequoia Oak Wooden Effect Tiles

5 Reasons to choose Wooden Effect Porcelain Tiles over Wooden Floors:

  1. Use in any Room: Wooden Floors can often contract when exposed to moisture, like basements, attics, bathrooms and even some kitchens, however Porcelain Tiles have no such problems when it comes to moisture.

  2. Durable: Our 195mm x 1200mm Porcelain Tiles are vitrified Glazed/Matt, giving the added comfort of protection from any spillage, so you have less worry if you drop something on the floor compared to dropping something on Hard Wooden Floors.

  3. Resilient: Porcelain Tiles are highly resistant against scratching or chipping and therefore are more preferable to Hard Wooden Floors, especially for areas of your home that must endure heavy traffic such as hallways, living rooms & kitchen floors.

  4. Low Maintenance: Wooden Effect Tiles are easier to maintain than Wooden Floors. Apart from their durability against spillage as already mentioned, spills can be cleaned using a damp mop when needed and regular sweeping to remove dust and debris will have no ill-effect of the glazed surface.

  5. Lifespan: Our High Quality Porcelain Tiles are vitrified, meaning that they can withstand any traffic and as these types of Porcelain Tiles can last up to 20 years, if maintained properly, it eliminates the cost of replacement for a far longer period than using Wooden Floors.

To enquire or find our more about Hill 16 Tiles and our High Quality Porcelain Tiles or to Book an Appointment to call to your house to display our tiles in the comfort of your own home (Free within 50 km of Dublin) just visit our website and fill in our Contact Form or Message us on Facebook. We won't be beaten on price at €15.99 per Sq Yard, so to get the Right Price Tiles contact, Hill 16 Tiles today!

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