What is a Rectified Tile?

Mechanically cut tiles on all sides for precision and consistent dimensions.

Houston Castano Wooden Effect Tiles
Houston Castano Wooden Effect Tiles

Having rectified tiles with precision cut means the tiler can lay the tiles with narrow grout joints that create a continuous and seamless look and finish. During the manufacturing of the tiles, extra steps are taken to make sure the tiles are grinded to a clean and precise cut with consistent dimensions.

Rectified v Non-Rectified

Non Rectified Tiles don't go through the same process during manufacturing as Rectified Tiles do, so the extra steps taken on rectified tiles to ensure precision during the manufacture process is not done, therefore Non Rectified Tiles vary slightly in size during each production run. Due to the size variation, the tiler needs to use wider grout joints to align the tiles.

Houston Castano Wooden Effect Tiles

The images shown here is a perfect example of how Rectified Tiles should look. Here, Hill 16 Tiles laid Houston Castano 195 x 2000 planks of tiles with different shades of grey. These wooden effect tiles are suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, hallways, living rooms and even outdoors due to their vitrified finish, making them hard and resistant to all elements.

As you can see from these images, the grout joints are minimal giving these rectified wooden effect tiles the perfect finish and feel as a real wooden floor.

What is a Vitrified Tile?

Vitrified Tiles are similar to Ceramic Tiles but made with slightly different elements and are a perfect alternative to expensive marble or granite tiles. Vitrified Tiles are a mixture of clay and quartz and can be used outdoors. The glass component in the tile makes them very hard and resistant to all elements such as water and frost.

All tiles at Hill 16 Tiles are both Rectified and Vitrified, meaning that you are getting the Highest Quality and Graded Porcelain Tiles on the market.

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