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Vitrified Porcelain TilesVitrified Porcelain Tiles

The Highest Quality Rectified & Vitrified Porcelain Tiles

What is a Rectified Tile?

They are mechanically cut tiles on all sides for precision and consistent dimensions.Having rectified tiles with precision cut means the tiler can lay the tiles with narrow grout joints that create a continuous and seamless look and finish. During the manufacturing of the tiles, extra steps are taken to make sure the tiles are grinded to a clean and precise cut with consistent dimensions.

Who We Are

We are the one of the biggest importers and suppliers of Porcelain Tiles in Dublin.

We offer you Quality Porcelain Tiles in Dublin at the best prices because we import our tiles directly from India. We also offer the biggest range of porcelain tiles such as wood look floor and wall tiles.

Our Tile Store Courtlough, Knock Cross, Co. Dublin, K32 YH29 

Who We Are

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