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Tips on How to Choose the Best Tiles for Your Space

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There is no joy like the joy of making a classy haven out of your spaces, whether indoors, like your kitchen and bedrooms, or outdoor patios and gardens. It is important to read your space correctly, design it to suit your taste, match the latest style trends, and transform it into a legendary space. Thus, whether kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, or the like, you must make your pick very carefully. 

Choose the Right Tile Material

Different tiles offer different strengths and qualities. For example, ceramic tiles offer more affordability, but they could chip or crack soon. These can be used if you are not too concerned about their durability. For kitchen tiles, however, porcelain tiles could be a better option. They are stronger, and you can rest assured that they will not scratch or stain easily. 

Besides, there are better-suited tiles for more open spaces. For example, vitrified tiles are highly durable,stain-resistant, and moisture-resistant. Pattern tiles, Blustoon, and Quartone are great outdoor tiles. Or, if you are an eco-friendly person, you could prefer natural materials for your spaces like sandstone, limestone, marble, and the like. Even cement tiles could meet the requirement for a bold look with personalized paintings and textures. Thus, you know about the best materials, and you are better off choosing your tiles. 

Choose the Right Size

Once you have much clarity about the type of kitchen tiles, bathroom tiles, etc., you must figure out the tile size that is needed for your space. This will ensure minimum waste and will also save you time during installation. Choose large-sized tiles for your living room, bedrooms, big bathrooms, and outdoors. Smaller ones make good kitchen tiles and are suitable as tiles for small bathrooms.  

Choose the Ideal Finish

We love the luster and finish that tiles impart to our spaces. Thus, we must choose our tiles by the finish we require for specific spaces. For example, a gloss finish with its attractive sheen could be ideal for bathrooms, or even living rooms. However, they are not ideal as floor tiles as they tend to get slippery when wet. On the contrary, matte-finished, slip-resistant tiles could be better off as floor tiles and may even make great outdoor tiles.

Whether you are looking to create a contemporary mosaic bathroom or a vivid, beautiful outdoor ambience, you must look into the superior-quality, wide selection of tiles by 16 Hills Tiles Limited

To Sum Up

Great tiles mean great looks, and strong walls and floors. And they set a mood for you. Thus, understanding what goes best where will make your spaces the most attractive and comfortable. 

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