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Privacy Policy

  1. The return of products will not be accepted until the management agrees to process it. 
  2. Customer will not be entitled to refunds if they do not have a receipt depicting the proof of their purchase from Hill 16 Tiles. 
  3. There may be a restocking charge of 20% applicable.
  4. Adhesives and grouts are not eligible for refunds. 
  5. The return will be issued only on the boxes that have yet to be opened by the customer. All returns will only be applicable for upto 30 days from the date of purchase. 
  6. Non-stock items are not eligible for a return, or for exchange. 
  7. Deposits cannot be transferred to another individual or be refunded. 
  8. The warranty is not applicable to the crazed or shaded tiles or if there are any such issues with the tiles. Hill 16 Tiles sells its products under the standard manufacturer guarantee. If there is an inconsistency in the shades of the tiles, no warranty will be applicable. 
  9. Customers can only raise claims related to the defects of the products or incorrect products only when they are purchasing the items or when these are delivered to them. 
  10. If a customer wants to check the quantity of products in their order, they should do so on the date of delivery or purchase. Any claims beyond this point regarding product quantity will not be entertained. 
  11. Please note that Hill16tiles don’t do tiling services or Employ any tilers . We can only recommend tilers based on their previous work or customer feedback.
  12. Irrespective of the status of the payment made against the order, an individual cannot cancel any items, partly or fully, from their order. 
  13. Customers must ensure that they are making the right calculations and buying ample tiles required for their project. The company does not guarantee the presence of the exact same product in stock moving forward. 
  14. All the terms and conditions stated by Hill 16 Tiles are in line with the legal rights of the company and the consumer as per the Sales of Goods Act of 1893. 
  15. Hill 16 Tiles strives hard to sell the finest quality of tiles to its customers, with the best designs possible. However, we have no control over the use of these products by our customers. If any damages or injuries are caused in which our products are involved in any form, we will not be responsible for these actions. If customers are not cleaning the tiles frequently or the tiles get slippery over time, the accidents caused by these will not be the responsibility of Hill 16 Tiles. 


All these Terms and Conditions are applicable to the products sold by Hill 16 Tiles to all customers.